Lanistar Web

Web App, UI, UX, Fintech


We made them irresistible. A polymorphic payment card for those who know influence is the only currency that matters. Lanistar, the world’s most secure payment card. Here’s the truth. Right now, Earth, 2020-something A.D. money isn’t power. Influence is power. Because when you run the culture, you run everything. Wherever you go, people follow. And money? That follows you, too. So let the canaries keep the wharf. This is money made for us.

What we did

1. Research

Competitor analysis. Search for the best solutions, preparation of drafts.

2. UX Design

Creating a structure and detailed electronic schematics for a web.

3. Prototype Testing

Creating and texting a prototype to improve the UX.

4. UI & Styleguides

Creating several versions of the design and working out the best one.

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