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Set your Smart Goals, be more confident to complete your targets. Make them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bounded.

Activate yourself

Looking back at the last years, but not only, we all realised we need to be more active. We need to enjoy indoors or outdoors activities that would make us happier and relieve the anxiety and stress. If before a pandemic we could walk to the office or enjoy the outdoors more , this year we have been forced to rethink our lives and with that we had to also rethink how we exercise. Also, the lack of physical activities is proven to bring major health issues , few to mention are anxiety , depression , heart disease and many more. We have now made our purpose , through the app, to improve ones health. Following a get to know you questionnaire we will  then introduce you into a flow of small or big steps to reach for the stars and achieve your goal.

Know them better

We researched books and articles  from experts in the field: nutritionists, trainers and coaches and the conclusion was that a person can reach their targets by setting a SMART criteria(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound), as an anchor on which we based all of your focus and decision-making. We are all different in what we want , how we want and where we want to achieve it . The new user will be then onboarded into a new journey and into a new lifestyle; answer a few questions and we will then provide a tailor made plan and make sure you are motivated and we will support you every step of the journey.


We give you Apple Health app, in a world where all of our life can be done form a mobile. Apple Health not only will get to know very good , but will also be there when you are going through a tough time. We will hold your hand and be there though achievements and also on cheat days. We will introduce you into a flow and make sure that you will soon feel like is normal to be active and healthy. Our dashboard will not only give you the normal stats you will get on a health app, but we will also tell you how long you have to get to Paris or how many calories you burned.We will remind you all the time about your motivation, why you using the app and where you need to go; also remember that you can be faster at reaching your goal if you add more activities.

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