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Lanistar has created a game-changing new payment card product, which is designed to help their customers streamline their money through cutting-edge technology, unique patents and market-leading customer support. Thanks to Lanistar’s ground-breaking Polymorphic Technology, you can carry up to 8 payment cards in one place with the unique Lanistar Payment Card!

Lanistar is differentiating itself from the others by providing enhanced security for its customers. Lanistar is powered by Polymorphic banking technology, and the Volt payment card is the most secure payment card ever created.

As Engcode we created a cutting edge, high-fidelity UI/UX for Lanistar Banking App.

What we've done

1. Competitor Research

2. Workflow

3. Wireframe

4. Mobile application UI design

5. Component-based Ul-kit

6. Product Design Sprints to explore new functionality

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