Importance of UX in Startups

February 3, 2021

User Experience or UX may or may not be a good start.

Founders and entrepreneurs realized that design can no longer be ignored, that it is the language of the brand. It is necessary to understand how design can affect your business and its importance from the beginning.

UX is very important in start-ups. Every start-up founder believes that the product is unique and that it will resonate well in the market.

Meeting The Demand

You may wake up with a great idea that you believe can change the world or find a market full of opportunities. However, a product may emerge without adequate market research or where the design does not meet the requirements.

You can start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Is it a design for the user's needs?
  • Is the design only product-oriented?
  • Is it simple enough for the user to understand?
  • What other solutions are available on the market?
  • How can you add value?

This will help you understand what value proposition your product should offer in order to position your startup in a relatively safe and flourishing spot in the market.

Stop Assuming

It is common to assume that you know your customers well and that what you are building is exactly what they need. However, most of the time, products based only on assumptions may not meet the needs of the real user or their effectiveness may not be as desired.

The best practice is to ask your users about their problems and then brainstorm a range of ideas that could potentially solve this problem.

We can also call it Affinity Mapping.

In this sense, user interviews, surveys, etc. can help you find ideas that will best meet your user's needs.

Competitive Advantage

Who doesn't love a great experience? It really matters how easy, smooth, descriptive, and enjoyable you can make this experience.

A good experience may go unnoticed, but a bad experience will certainly turn into a painful situation for your users, which will encourage them to discover your competitors.

The opposite may also be the case. A good experience will help you build emotional bonds with your users, which will increase customer satisfaction and turn your product into one that other people will want to interact with.

This helps your product build trust and credibility. We can think of the first impression as the last impression. The first thing the user will see is your UI, which means interacting with the user's interface can be an enjoyable experience for your users. But a good interface should not come with a bad UX cost.

Visually appealing products show your attention to detail, professionalism, and how seriously you take your product. This signals users that they can trust you and make a strong first impression.

As competition increases, UX is becoming more and more important in startups. Investing in UX early has several benefits and pays off in the long run.

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